Washington mantuvo otros 70 millones de dólares en asistencia

Oscar Arias en compañía de Hillary Clinton

“EE.UU. cree firmemente en la democracia, estamos apoyando el retorno a la democracia constitucional en Honduras”, dijo Clinton, al asegurar que en ese país hubo “elecciones legítimas”.

“El presidente Lobo se ha movido rápidamente en aceptar las recomendaciones del Acuerdo de San José”, añadió la secretaria de Estado, al referirse al pacto firmado por las partes para solucionar el conflicto.

Clinton, que participó el jueves en Costa Rica en la III Reunión Ministerial Caminos hacia la Prosperidad en las Américas, tiene previsto reunirse este viernes, con Lobo y otros mandatarios de la región en un encuentro programado en Guatemala.

Los jefes de Estado centroamericanos y de la República Dominicana tienen programando abordar el tema de Honduras en la reunión y han manifestado su apoyo a ese país para que retorne al concierto de las organizaciones internacionales

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3 Responses to “Washington mantuvo otros 70 millones de dólares en asistencia”

  1. Coyot dice:

    Well I agree with Doug. D appears eaiesr to read against the background, since it seems a bit larger. If it were a little bolder it might be better. For those of us older friends of the project .bigger print and bolder is helpful! You’re the best JJ!!!

  2. Sabrina dice:

    it will feel more like a free-fall into the fog. But I hope that if/when the time comes, the decision will have been made at least in part with the trust that God is there, loves my faimly and me (baggage and all), and is happy when we’re involved in the lives of each other for the good of each other wherever it may be that we awake at the beginning of each day.

  3. Waka dice:

    It was on my bucket list to see or meet John Wayne boefre he passed. I waited to long. So, a couple yrs back I put on my Larry Mahan 7x beaver Cowboy hat and my Dads western vest and went southeast about 60 mi to Winterset, Ia to see the unveiling of the Dukes big bronze statue. I waited quite awhile to meet Ethan Wayne. I was impressed how he took the time to discuss his fathers success and how humble he was of his own. I was saddend and I could tell it was hard for him to discuss his late brother Michael, producer/director of McClintock movie, who looked just like his Dad. I told him I had missed Patrick and his Mother Pilar on a previous dedication of his fathers birthhome cause of work. I told him I had lost my father in1986 who once rode his horse across the Continental Divide in Colorado Rockies at the age of 70 and was wearing his vest and ask him if he would sign its lining. Are you sure ? It’s a nice vest . Sure I’m sure, Dad was a big fan too. And by’golly he signed it and I cheerish it as it hangs retired on my office wall. God bless the Wayne Family giving of their time and effort to support Iowa’s connection to a great American Icon. Thx Ethan!

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