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This week in Immigration

Why Kobach’s Lawsuit Against Deferred Action is Unlikely to Stand Up in CourtSore Loser, Jan Brewer, Continues Anti-Immigrant Crusade
Kris Kobach’s official job title is Kansas Secretary of State. But he is better known for drafting—and being hired to defend in court—state and local immigration laws designed to make undocumented residents “self-deport.” His two most notorious [...]

Esta semana en inmigración


Can Arizona Afford to Implement S.B. 1070?
As the deadline for signing/vetoing Arizona’s immigration enforcement law (S.B. 1070) draws near, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has more than just the moral and ethical implications of the law to consider. The proposed “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act,” a bill that makes [...]

Auto de prisión para ex alcalde Kilgore

La Corte de Apelaciones de la sección penal de San Pedro Sula dictó el miércoles auto de prisión al ex alcalde sampedrano, Óscar Kilgore, por el delito de abuso de autoridad en el traspaso de unos terrenos de forma irregular a una iglesia evangélica.
La Corte declaró con lugar un recurso de apelación presentado [...]

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